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RobMoro TV | Chris Farren – ‘Cosmic Leash’

photo of Chris Farren sitting with his legs crossed

Songwriter Chris Farren has revealed a new track, ‘Cosmic Leash’, which is from his forthcoming new album, “Doom Singer”. which is due out later this year.

Farren previously recorded as part of Antarctigo Vespucci with Jeff Rosenstock and punk band Fake Problems, but now has work under his own name with the forthcoming “Doom Singer”.

“Looking back on those records… I have no good memories of making themIt’s always been a lonely, doubt-ridden process.” 

Chris Farren.

The record was produced, engineered, and mixed by well-known musician Jay Som and also Melina Duterte who features on the record. But as Chris alluded to in his quote, it was written in isolation and during a tough period.

Lead single ‘Cosmic Leash’ arrives alongside its music video, which takes a departure from the lamentable and lonely process of the recording and instead seeks a brighter-looking montage with a humourous side to it.

“(I) wanted to open these songs up, make them less frenetic, and not feel the pressure to cram every moment”

Chris Farren.

The lead single flares after an interlude over the subtle strumming sound. Lyrically, it seeks to demonstrate that while longing for simpler times of the past, moving on from clinging to those times is needed.

Doom Singer” out 4 August via Polyvinyl.