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Listen | Remi Wolf returns with ‘Prescription’

Photo of Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf has returned with their first new music of the year in the form standalone single, ‘Prescription’.

The track is the fruition of a phone call between Remi and her pal Boots Riley (The Coup), as the artist explains:

“A few months ago, Boots Riley called me and we spoke about his new tv show I’m a Virgo. 24 hours later – this song was created inspired by that conversation and it is being featured in the tv show out this summer. I loved it so much that I wanted to release it and share it with you all as a special little something.” 

‘Prescription’ is a slow-burning indie-pop song that outlines falling head over heels for someone. With a soulful twang and all-encompassing bright horn section, it is definitely a mood booster.

’Prescription’ is out now on Island Records.