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RobMoro TV | Holy Wave – ‘Happier’

Photo of the band Holy Wave

Texas band Holy Wave have revealed details of their new album “Five of Cups” alongside the news of new single, ’Happier’.
It’s accompanied by a darkened, psychedelic video directed by Arturo Baston to transcend listeners further into a 70’s spiral.

Band members Ryan Fuson, Joey Cook, Kyle Hager, and Julian Ruiz grew up in El Paso, plying their music in the local DIY scene. Their hunger inspired them to look further beyond soon after.

“We had been working on this song on and off again for a while and it all kind of came together right before we started recording this album. The song is loosely a song to Kurt Vonnegut, and a song taking some of his ideas and quotes and exploring them a little further. Mainly just a song about happiness today and maybe where it was during his time. While recording this song we knew that we wanted something unique for the outro, but we didn’t really know what it was that we were looking for, so we sent the song to Estrella and basically asked her to do whatever she thought was right and she completely exceeded our vision. It really took the song to a whole new level, some place we have never been before.”

Ryan Fuson, Holy Wave.

The band had a near career ending brush with a tarot reading during the pandemic years that might have suggested calling it a day on the project. However, they decided to immerse themselves in their work, and the tarot card supposedly was the muse for their sixth album.

Holy Wave’s ‘Five of Cups’ will be released via Suicide Squeeze on 4 August 2023.