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RobMoro TV | Current Affairs – ‘Right Time’

Glasgow quartet releases debut album.

Glasgow’s Current Affairs have revealed details of their debut album alongside the first single, ‘Right Time’.

The band formed from various shared spaces and familiarity on the music scene that had seen them settle on Glasgow as the heart of where the record was written and produced.

The track is set to bring forth the issues that should inspire a call for change politically, while the video is a colourful montage of the band members with exquisite patterns and attention-catching transitions.

“It started as a song to help someone close to me out of a funk and ended up being what I turn to a little too. Musically and lyrically it switches between those double voices of support: one with sympathy and the other to get you out, on and up. When we play it, it always creates this strong energy and makes me feel ready for most anything you could chuck at us! It could be read as a statement of intent for the rest of the record: propulsive and hook-focussed, caterwauling and catchy, but with a positive disposition more from the darker side.”

Joan Sweeney, Current Affairs..

The band formed in 2020, and known to each other from previous bands within the UK’s DIY music scene. Firmly docked in their individual backgrounds, they ultimately started banding via the formation of the Spitehouse collective – a project planned to elevate queer and women’s music through events.

“Off The Tongue“ is out on 14 July 2023 via Tough Love Records.