Fenne Lily - Photo Credit: Michael Tyrone Delaney
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RobMoro TV | Fenne Lily – ‘In My Own Time’

Fenne Lily shares a new song from upcoming album.

FENNE LILY delivers her new single and the video for ‘In My Own Time’ from her forthcoming album” Big Picture”, which is due out next month.

The contemplative track is about delicate junctures in an intimate relationship. Painted beautifully with slow brush strokes and bright guitar notes.

The accompanying video was directed by FENNE and Jim Larson, FENNE and her backing band emerges in a loud bar where they act about with various patrons and ventriloquist doppelgangers.

“It’s the brainchild of FENNE and my roommate, Zander ( Sharp ), cooking up a risotto over a bottle (or two) of wine and chatting about how to make an overly cinematic, borderline violent visual accompaniment to a love song. FENNE explains to ” In My Own Time“: „This song’s about the weight of stasis — about time moving too quickly and too slowly and every mistake feeling both permanent and inconsequential. When it came to writing this video concept, I wanted it to reflect the twisted aspects of a love that’s found in the midst of chaos and the subsequent feeling of being inanimate in your own story. All that, in the style of Terminator 2.”

Fenne Lily.

‘In My Own Time’ started as a piece that didn’t quite fit into what Fenne was trying to achieve. Eventually, blossoming into a fully-fledged song, one of many that the artist spent all summer writing. Journaling on the roof of her apartment and descanting the words she was least embarrassed about.

Check out the video for the single ‘In My Own Time’ above.