BULLY - Photo Credit: Sophia Matinazad
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RobMoro TV | Bully – ‘Days Move Slow’

The Nashville artist announces new album "Lucky For You" via Sub Pop.

BULLY has just released second single ‘Days Move Slow’, a strong punk and Britpop-influenced track that surely sets the tone for the forthcoming new record.

The persona of Alicia Bognanno is known for grunge rock, but propels the maturity of the new sound with a cleaner tone to the guitars on the track. The song is about the passing of her cherished dog and best friend Mezzi.

“As someone who has spent the majority of my life feeling agonizingly misunderstood, there is no greater gift than experiencing true unconditional love and acceptance. I waited my whole life for the bond and irreplaceable companionship I had with Mezzi. She was my best friend and my only constant through some of the most pivotal moments and phases of my life. I was a stranger to the level of love I now know exists because of Mezzi. Love you forever. I’m lucky for you.“


The Nashville rocker will release her new album “Lucky For You ” via Sub Pop this summer. It was recorded at Sterling Sound, MMK Studios and Alicia’s House in Nashville with the assistance of producer JT Daly.

The official video for ‘Days Move Slow’ was directed by Alex Ross Perry, who previously worked with the artist on two occasions. It steps away from the intensity of the track and instead opens up on the emotional weight of the song’s theme. Using 16mm black and white film to add some brevity to the image.

“Lucky For You” is out on 2 June 2023 via Sub Pop!