dePresno unveils new single
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Listen | dePresno shares delicate new track ‘Emotional Punching Bag’

Norwegian star dePresno unveils new single.

Norwegian musician dePresno has revealed the new single ‘Emotional Punching Bag’,

It is the latest taste of a new full-length project due for release later this year. An honest introspection of being dependable to your close circle.

“The song in itself is really just about the need to be there for your loved ones. It’s really hard when people you love go through rough patches and you kind of just have to sit back and watch it unfold and you do what you can to make it easier but at the end of the day, it’s never your responsibility you not necessarily anything you really can do, so this song is just my way of being there for the people in my life I suppose. It’s equally kind of writing for myself, my girlfriend, and my brother. All humans go through horrible things and we have to endure things that might feel impossible in the moment, but just remember that it’ll get better, and just talk to someone to find your emotional punching bag. It might be a therapist it might be a friend it might be something completely different.”

James Ellis Ford.

Soft acoustic guitar adds the spacial sound on the track is no doubt a production sensation co-created with collaborator Odd Martin (Sigrid, AURORA and Sløtface).

The new record is set to unravel “emotional vulnerability”. Not only in the bad moments but also in understanding what makes you better, what allows you to open up, and to be available when called upon.

dePresno’s new single ‘Emotional Punching Bag’ is out now.