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RobMoro TV | Cindy – ‘A Trumpet On The Hillside

The San Francisco-based band includes several key figures in the Bay Area scene.

San Franciscan outfit, Cindy, have unleashed details on their new album “Why Not Now?” with the news of their latest single, ‘A Trumpet On The Hillside’.

Alongside this, the Bay Area group have released the video for the track – a superbly shot montage in black and white.

“It’s hard to explain what a song is about. Or, it’s not hard – it would just take too long and we’d have to be sitting in a room together. But that’s close to what I would say about this song: it’s about being in a room with people, the closeness and distance involved in that. And it’s about the vividness and grandness (sometimes) of the most ordinary experience.“

Karina Gil, Cindy.

‘A Trumpet On The Hillside’ is considered to be the most jubilant song they band have written, particularly on the record. Their dream pop sound is not only for the masses but for those of a post-punk persuasion.

New album “Why Not Now?” out 14 April, 2023, via Tough Love.