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RobMoro TV | Tungz – ‘One Night’

Debut album "A Good Dream" is set for release on 17 February 2023 via Heist or Hit.

Psych-pop quartet Tungz have returned with their latest single ‘One Night’, which arrives as the four-piece release their debut album “A Good Dream”.

‘One Night’ is filled with percussion, and strong bass synth sounds to complete a nostalgic funk single that comes out swinging.

“Life was very still and I was dreaming of a new beginning or just anything exciting to inspire me and carry me away. Being just on the tails of a dream and never quite reaching it is what keeps me going so that’s what came through in the lyrics. Told through one of those old romantic running away from everything leaving it all behind kind of tales.”

Nicky Green, Tungz.

And of the accompanying music video, the band met director Rosalie Charrier in Paris which sparked their potential collaboration. In the visual, the sense of capturing the curiosity of strangers in the street through the lens of cinematographer, Paloma Pineda, has been beautifully done.

Debut album “A Good Dream” is set for release on 17 February 2023 via Heist or Hit.