whenyoung - Photo Credit: Zac Mahrouche
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RobMoro TV | whenyoung – ‘Shame Train’

Whenyoung share new single ‘Shame Train'.

Whenyoung continue their momentum with the shattering new single ‘Shame Train’, as the duo of Aoife Power and Andrew Flood prepare to release their new album “Paragon Songs”.

The concurrent video for the single was filmed at the vacant hull of the Ramsgate Arts Barge with the director, Luke Ogden. Taking advantage of the time before its renovation, the band and crew used the walls and lighting to create the look of “a freight train on the tracks” that they felt worked well with the song’s meaning.

“I was deep in songwriting and self development, trying to overcome anxieties and complexes when I began to understand about shame as a traumatic emotion which affects everyone. Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’re made to fit into a mould and if we don’t, we’re shamed. There’s shame of aging, socio-economic status, religion, sex, image, the list is endless. This is the first song we recorded for the album and the theme of self love and respect, evident throughout the tracks, really evolved from this song.”

Aoife Power, whenyoung.

The new album is said to explore the feelings of “dark depths of self-criticism,” that “rises into an ambition for change and a desire to welcome healing and self-love”. Speaking on its origins, whenyoung said it was written between a cottage in County Clare on the West coast of Ireland, and in a flat on a street called Paragon on the East coast of England, hence the album title.

The band are primed to head out on an Ireland and UK tour this April following the release of the record.

Paragon Songs” is out on 7 April 2023.