Sad Boys Club – Photo credit: Nicholas O'Donnell
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Listen | Sad Boys Club share first single ‘To Heal Without A Scar (Is A Waste Of A Good Wound)’

New single 'To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound)' is out now

London alt-rockers Sad Boys Club have not only announced their debut album “Lullabies From The Lightning Tree”  but have unveiled lead single ‘To Heal Without a Scar (Is a Waste Of a Good Wound)’

The lead single was produced and mixed by the band’s bassist Pedro Caetano and was a key point in the album’s creation.

“Sometimes I can have a hard time acknowledging life as reality, maybe I just don’t want to. It often results in bad consequences for myself and those around me which I then use songs to somehow justify – some might argue that makes me a toxic narcissist (/man), I’m not sure I’d disagree. I’m working on it. A lot of this album is about working on whatever ‘it’ is. Getting better? It fell out at the end of a particularly bad period of writer’s block and unblocked a majority of the writing on the record so feels like the only place to begin.”

Jacob Wheldon, Sad Boys Club.

Distinct and contemplative in their writing, Sad Boys Club’s new single is a terrific taste of what the first full-length record will be – building upon their earlier series of EPs.

The quartet are to embark on a tour of the UK and Europe in the spring in support of the record, where they will likely bring their intense sound to audiences

The debut album, “Lullabies From The Lightning Tree”, is out on 5 May 2023 via Modern Sky.