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RobMoro TV | Kerala Dust – ‘Violet Drive’

Kerala Dust

Kerala Dust have announced details of their second album, “Violet Drive” and have shared a video for the title track from the album.

The video for the track was shot on an abandoned 1950s airfield and was directed by Greg Blakley. It is a deep, moody affair with a strong artistic impression of the track’s sonic values.

“We filmed this video out on an abandoned airfield south-east of Berlin with our friend Alisa Ahmann. The video was mostly inspired by Tarkowski. Things get strange in these abandoned places, like something wasn’t quite put to bed, and nature has reclaimed the ground. Alisa developed a relationship with this lightbulb, like it was something delicate and beautiful that should be held softly and cherished. The heart of the sun.”

Kerala Dust.

The band have a tour planned for the UK and Europe in the early part of 2023, which kicks off in Budapest on 23 February.

“Violet Drive” will be released on Friday 17 February 2023 on Play It Again Sam.