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RobMoro TV | QUASI – ‘Doomscrollers’


QUASI return and so with their new track does the video for ‘Doomscrollers’.

The song is taken from “Breaking The Balls Of History” – QUASI ‘s tenth album overall and ten years after their last record.

The duo went through a period post the release of their “Mole City” record in 2013 that seemed to signal the end of the project with what they felt was one of their peak releases. Fast forward to 2022 and on the cusp of a new record release, events of the past decade – both personal and the unpredictable global events of 2020 made the decision to reconsider all the more poignant.

“When you’re younger and in a band, you make records because that’s what you do, but this time, the whole thing felt purposeful in a way that was unique to the circumstances.”


The music video, directed by directed by BA Miale is a humours touch to the events that got QUASI back on track, a moment where a brush with death changed their outlook forever.

“Breaking The Balls Of History” out 10 February, 2023 via Sub Pop .