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RobMoro TV | ferna – ‘New City’


Northern Irish artist ferna has released the third single ‘New City’, from her debut album, “Understudy”.

With vivacious synths throughout, the track visits explore the topic of moving to a new place, making new friends, building a new life and all that it entails.

“Trying to hold onto a sense of who you are, while also shedding an old skin. It’s the tension between those things.”


“One of the main themes I wanted to explore was the feeling of stuck-ness and overwhelm. I played on the origins of the song’s creation in the US by flipping the concept round, creating a character who has returned to seaside suburbia in Northern Ireland.”

Alice Eugenie, director.

The music video, directed by artist and filmmaker Alice Eugenie, tells the story in reverse as if the protagonist was returning home and developing a different outlook on a daunting task.

‘New City’ is out now via Stunt Double Records