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RobMoro TV | A.O. Gerber – ‘Walk in the Dark’

A.O. Gerber - Photo credit: Nina Raj

Los Angeles based musician A.O. Gerber returns with a new single ‘Walk in the Dark’.

Following the recent release of her sophomore album “Meet Me at the Gloaming” A.O. Gerber has shared a bilious video for the purifying track ‘Walk in the Dark’.

“This song started out as a very literal ode to my love of night walks. But through the writing process it turned into a metaphor about welcoming my own darkness and being willing to walk alongside it despite the parts of me that would rather run away. I knew I wanted this video to represent both the literal and metaphorical, so filming it in my bedroom and the neighbourhood in LA where I’ve gone on so many walks in the dark felt really fitting.”

A.O. Gerber.

Next week Gerber will begin a headline tour in the UK with limited dates across Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol, and London. Tickets are on sale now here.

New album “Meet Me at the Gloaming” is out now via Hand In Hive / Father Daughter Records.