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RobMoro TV | Okay Kaya – ‘Inside of a Plum’

After unveiling previous releases such as ‘Spinal Tap’ and ‘Jolene From Her Own Perspective’, Norwegian-American artist Kaya Wilkins aka OKAY KAYA shares ‘Inside Of A Plum’, the third single from her forthcoming album “SAP”.

The video for ‘Inside Of A Plum’ was created with visual US artist Austin Lee. In it, KAYA provides the popular Dall:e-2-open AI engine with images and text to create new images, which were then modified by the AI ​​system.

“I wanted to explore what it would be like to be the ripple, move through. Whether it’s mundane objects, zoomed in on the natural or magical imagery and shapes.”

Kaya Wilkins.

OKAY KAYA recently announced live show dates at Pitchfork Music Festivals in Berlin, London, and Paris throughout November.

“SAP” is out on Jagjaguwar on 4 November 2020.