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Listen | Maripool releases debut EP “It All Comes At Once”

Maripool - Photo credit: Chiara Gambuto

Lisbon-born, London-based singer-songwriter Maripool has dropped her debut EP, “It All Comes At Once”.

The EP is an animated, idealistic adoration of “human emotion” and Maripool’s own “inner demons”.

Lead single, ‘Softly’, is a dream-pop track that charms with minimal effort. While the whole EP dips in and out of the nostalgic feelings of the artist.

“It All Comes At Once revolves mostly around dealing with a lot of anger, being naive and in some ways hopeful. I wanted to make it kinda of like a journey of finding all these flaws and strengths in me but talk about it with an attitude of nothing can take me down. Even with the artwork for this one I wanted it to be me looking all beaten up from life, bleeding and there’s all these demons around me but I’m ready to take the fight. It’s a sort of face and kill your demons kind of EP but with a childlike approach of dreamy songs and hand drawn artworks. With the title ‘It All Comes At Once’ it’s very reflective of what was happening in my life at the time, everything would happen all of a sudden and all at the same time. It was a mix of a lot of bad and good things happening all at once.”


Maripool is the moniker of Lisbon-born, London-based songwriter Natasha Simões, a self-described “one girl band” crafting bedroom-pop arrangements.

“It All Comes At Once” is out now via Practise Music