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Listen | The Early Mornings release new single ‘It’s Not What You Want’

The Early Mornings

Three-piece, The Early Mornings unleash their new single ‘It’s Not What You Want’. The track will be the first release on their new label, Practise Music.

Vocalist and guitarist Annie Leader provides a distorted hymn to those moments when nothing goes quite as it should.

“This song is a bit different for us because I’m just playing chords for the verse, which I don’t normally do, whilst Danny adds the melody with the bass. We just wanted to have fun with the lyrics and each line in the verse rhymes, which is unusual for us, giving way to a sort of anti-chorus”

The Early Mornings.

The Early Mornings formed when Annie Leader and Danny Shannon met Rhys Davies and formed in Manchester in 2019 after Rhys responded to an advert they placed looking for a drummer. Since then, the band have moved to the equally artistic hotspot of Brixton in London.

‘It’s Not What You Want’ is out now on Practise Music.