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RobMoro TV | The Soft Moon – ‘Monster’

The Soft Moon - Photo Credit: Matteo Nazzari

The Soft Moon releases a creative new video for the latest track ‘Monster’, directed by Bryan M. Ferguson.

The melancholic, winding verses in the new single are a taste of what to expect from the forthcoming album, “Exister”, which is due out later this year.

Ferguson said of the idea for the video after hearing the track: “that the video should be a metamorphosis, a person’s body transforming into something hideous. It’s definitely a literal visual interpretation of what the song is about but I really wanted the transformation from one physical shape to the other to be slow, painful and almost organic.”

Ahead of the release of his new album, “Exister”, The Soft Moon’s Luis Vasquez made some personal changes before writing it. He left Berlin, where he had been for many years and moved to the Joshua Tree to find musical and personal space during the lockdowns in 2020.

In autumn, The Soft Moon will go on a European tour for which you can see the dates here.

“Exister” will be released on 23 September 2022 via Sacred Bones.