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Listen | Archers Of Loaf share new single ‘Screaming Undercover’

Archers of Loaf - Photo by Kate Fix

Archers of Loaf have released their new single ‘Screaming Undercover.’

The song is taken from their first new full-length studio album in 24 years, titled “Reason in Decline”.

A vibrant video created by Paul Friedrich has also been released alongside the track. It follows news last month that the band announced “Reason in Decline” with a video for its lead single ‘In The Surface Noise’.

“‘Screaming Undercover’ is definitely the heart of the new record. It came out quickly and it was the first lyric I actually finished for this collection of songs. I felt good after it had been written because I finally knew the point of view from which I could write more Archers songs. It had an urgent frustration in it that expressed what we were all feeling towards what the pandemic had taken from us, as well as the anger I felt personally towards the Trump administration and its dysfunctional embrace of anti-intellectualism, which unfortunately still seems to be infecting the culture and political climate.“

Eric Bachman, Archers of Loaf

“Reason in Decline” is out 21 October via Merge Records.