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Listen | Moreish Idols share ‘W.A.M.’ from debut EP “Float”

Moreish Idols - Photo Credit: Jude Lilley

London’s Moreish Idols mark the release of debut EP “Float”, by sharing ltheir atest track ‘W.A.M’.

The EP features the previously released ‘Speedboat’ and ‘Hangar’, their debut singles for Speedy Wunderground, a label that has flourished in bringing new talent to the attention of the masses.

Jude Lilley, the band’s vocalist said about the themes behind their single:

“Wait A Minute is essentially a short story inspired by an article I once read about a private investigator being found dead in a South London car park. I wrote the lyrics from the perspective of an agent/hitman, stalking his target, unaware that the target is one step ahead of him and had been briefed to kill said hitman from the same source. I struggled to get my head around how something so archetypal and fictional could be happening in a place as mundane as Sydenham.

This song was a milestone for the band as it was the first track we wrote entirely as a five piece, in the practice room, from scratch. It exemplifies a turning point for us, allowing us to run with our ideas together as a unit.”

Jude Lilley

Produced by the label’s own Dan Carey, “Float” showcases more of the charm that is you would expect from a release on the label.

Carey’s most recent production recognition includes Wet Leg, Kae Tempest and Fontaines DC while Speedy Wunderground have worked with the likes of Black Country, New Road, Sinead O’Brien, black midi, Jane Weaver, Squid and more.

Moreish Idols new EP “Float” is out now on Speedy Wunderground.