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RobMoro TV | Laura Jean – ‘Teenager Again’

Laura Jean - Photo Credit: Rochelle Marie Adam

Australian singer/songwrite LAURA JEAN is back with her first album in four years and a new single.

Taken from the new album, “Amateurs”  Jean has released the video for, ’Teenager Again’, which features backing vocals by Aldous Harding and Marlon William, who also feature on two other tracks on the album.

These songs arise from my acceptance that I will always be an ‘amateur’. At the same time, I was fueled by a desire to create something immensely luxurious and beautiful.”

Laura Jean.

The music video for the track features VHS footage of Laura and her younger sister Erica from the 1990s. The Inspiration was written by Englert’s aunt-in-law at the time, New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion. 

“The video is compiled from footage I found in a box in my mum’s cupboard. When we were teenagers my sister, her best friend Mark Bradshaw and I would borrow the video camera from school. We used it as therapy, making earnest abstract films that tried to represent what was going on in our heads. We also filmed random things at school and Mark’s rock band. Sometimes, our uncle’s wife at the time, the film director Jane Campion, would give us film challenges. Some of the footage is a result of her challenge to make a film portrait of yourself or someone else. I made portraits of Erica.”

Laura Jean.

The new album is the first musical sign of life since the acclaimed 2018 album “Devotion”.

Amateurs is out on 4 November via Chapter Music.