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RobMoro TV | Anna Bates – ‘Holy Smokes’

Anna Bates

Los Angeles singer-storyteller Anna Bates celebrates the release of her debut EP with the video for ‘Holy Smokes’.

On writing a creating the EP, Bates said; “It is a soundtrack to a road trip, or a campfire, or an awesomely epic mental breakdown.”

It is the first time Bates has collaborated with others to forge a sound that was closer to her idea of a short record that had a tinge of folk and indie rock.

The video for ‘Holy Smokes’ was directed by Jax Anderson, depicts a Jesus look-alike which Bates describes as featuring the similarities of some Venice beachgoers and their ‘recreational’ activities.

“If you’ve ever traveled down to Venice, California you know that there’s a lot of this little herb we like to call “marijuana” floating around. I mean if you’re anywhere in LA you can probably follow the smell with your nose to the heart of Venice beach. Also down here are lots of men, complete with white linen pants, long hair, and exquisite seventies facial hair, all smoking – you guessed it- a lot of weed. Oddly enough, they resemble the historically inaccurate white Jesus. A weird visual crossover that I found too great not to write a song about. Thus, after this religiously comical revelation came Holy Smokes, a song about the gathering of gorgeous pot heads that line the Venice paths.”

Anna Bates.

Here’s to the End” is out on Neon Gold Records.