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RobMoro TV | Kiwi Jr. – ‘Night Vision’

Kiwi Jr. - Photo Credit: Ben Rayner

Toronto indie-rock quartet KIWI JR. are back! Announcing their third album, “Chopper”, to which they unveiled with latest single, ‘Night Vision’

Their third album will be the follow up to 2021’s “Cooler Returns”, which was also produced by WOLF PARADE co-founder and current ARCADE FIRE member Dan Boeckner.

“Before ‘Night Vision’ was 100% written, just the basic idea of it existing as a Kiwi Jr. song inspired us and set the tone for the record. A lot of the images in the lyrics are of teenagers driving around, trying to make plans, sharing the aux, putting their parents’ car in the ditch, etc. But the idea at the center of the song is that of working up the nerve to make a big decision. Like a boxer getting pumped up before a fight.”

Jeremy Gaudet, Kiwi Jr.

‘Night Vision’ arrives with a music video by Laura-Lynn Petrick, who aptly creates a visual that encompasses the album’s genre and influences – “Chopper is the bird’s eye view of the big event – a real nighttime character of oil stain, film grain, searchlight, night flight.”

“Chopper” will be released on 12th August 2022 by Sub Pop.