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“Der går nabolaget” – Gunerius & Verdensveven

Gunerius & Verdensveven - "Der går nabolaget"

Multi-instrumentalists are often underrated, but if one sound promotes such talent, it is psychedlica. Sitting somewhere from the scratching and walking of Seasick’s Steve’s guitars to a Patrick Carney drum rhythm and a level of city funk beats, Norway’s Gunerius & Verdensveven steps onto a blank canvas with ease.

The one-man band, consisting of artist, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Thomas Gunerius Bergsten produces a rollercoaster record in “Der Går nabolaget” which is said to mean “There goes the neighbourhood”. Not too polished for the purists of psych genres but ‘Diamanter og dopamin’ and ‘Slutte i jobben’ immediately stand out for even the most passive listener.

Those familiar with the Norwegian psych scene might have heard of Gunerius Bergsten in bands like The Harvey Steel Show and the Secret Sound of Dream Walkers. Yet his jazz releases follow through in tangents of certain tracks throughout the record.

Psychedelic, the clubby and weirdly catchy sonic macrocosm “Der går nabolaget” consists of a mixture of Norwegian language and instrumentals. While the album is sporadic in how it flips from one style to another on each track, the variety is cleverly consistent.

“Der går nabolaget” is out now on Sellout! Music.