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RobMoro TV | A.O. Gerber – ‘Looking for the Right Things’

A.O. Gerber - Photo by Seannie Bryan

Los Angeles based musician A.O. Gerber returns with a new single ‘Looking for the Right Things’ alongside a visual impression.

Accompanying the release the video, directed by Erik Schute, delivers a thoughtful purification of the song’s lyrical meaning.

Gerber wrote the song in 2017 in a period where she was ‘Looking for the Right Things’ as a sort of uneasy entreaty. The track would later be discarded from the previous long release despite attempts at getting the track production to where it was destined to be, which has thankfully allowed it to bloom into what it is today.

“There’s a bit of subtle humour in this video that I like — this song is about how frustratingly difficult human connection can be, but this video is me trapped in my dusty mind, flinging myself around in the void alone, which isn’t too far off from the truth of what happens when I get stuck in my own head trying to figure out who and how I should be in the world. There’s a sort of self-involvedness to that kind of perfectionism that I feel like this video (which was produced lovingly by Yellow House Sessions and directed/edited by Erik Shute) captures really well.”

A.O. Gerber.

With a new single, and two performances at The Great Escape next month, we can expectly plenty more to come from A.O. Gerber later in the year.

‘Looking for the Right Things’ out now on Father/Daughter Records and Hand In Hive.