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RobMoro TV | Ryan Keen – ‘Muscle Memory’

Ryan Keen - Credits: David Piedade

Ryan Keen returns with the new single ‘Muscle Memory’ – a track that is about addressing that hurting emotion of losing someone and the effect on your subconscious.

The track was written by Ryan and collaborator, Corey Harper in Los Angeles, before Ryan later went on to record it in London.

“We wrote the song after discussing how strange it is that you can have your life so intertwined with someone, and then it all suddenly disappear. I find it strange we’re strangers, we were so close not so long ago”.

Ryan Keen

Directed by Nick Page and shot in Sao Paulo, the video for the track features pro-surfer Marcelo Luna and follows his story.

Luna’s story goes from growing up in a Brazilian favela to becoming a skilled surfer. It is also set to followed by a campaign called “My Biggest Challenge”, which will present athletes who overcame significant physical challenges to have a career in their field.

‘Muscle Memory’ is out now on Embassy of Music.