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Listen | The Stroppies announce new album with single ‘The Perfect Crime’

the stroppies - Credit: Jamie Wdziekonski

The Stroppies have announced “Levity” their new album and released their first single and music video from the record titled, “The Perfect Crime”.

The indie-pop quartet from Melbourne, Australia, began with the initial idea “to create open-ended music, quickly and haphazardly,” despite the logistical challenges of producing their second album in a city in the midst of a pandemic during one of the world’s longest lockdown.

While the narrative surrounding the “lockdown record” is becoming more common, there are inevitable truths that come with making creative decisions in such circumstances that cannot be overlooked

“There was a lot less opportunity to meet and build ideas collaboratively, which is how we’ve worked in the past. Instead, ideas were developed in isolation, then shared digitally, developing slowly over correspondence and only bearing fruit when we were able to be in a room together. I think this had a big effect on the songwriting and execution”.

Rory Heane, The Stroppies.

The band’s sound edges towards a spreading variety of the quirky US underground of the 90s, British art-punk, and a great love for classic pop songwriting.

Bassist and co-singer Claudia Serfaty describes the making of the album as: “The world feels strange and in turn making pop music feels even stranger. A healthy dose of levity had to be employed in order to find meaning in the process. ‘ mess found.”

‘The Perfect Crime’ is out now via Tough Love Records.