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RobMoro TV | MELTS – ‘Outlier’

Melts - photo credit Gav Ovoc

Dublin five-piece MELTS have announced their debut album “Maelstrom”, along with the video for single ‘Outlier’.

The debut, produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band (Girl Band), has a sci-fi-inspired music video directed by A Parkes.

“Outlier is about the imaginable distance between objects in space and how leaving one way of life and moving on to another life falling into space, into the void. The title refers to an object or person existing at a distance from the centre of the system.”

Eoin Kenny, MELTS

On the video, the director says, “sonically and lyrically the music is very big and cinematic, so I used an old anamorphic lens to get that classic cinema look and aspect ratio. The sci-fi-inspired set was built to stage the claustrophobic internal struggle, while showing a glimpse of bigger world outside.”

To mark their album announcement, MELTS will go on their first headline UK and Ireland tour in March starting off with a hometown show at Dublin’s Button Factory.

Debut album “Maelstrom” is out via Mother Sky on 13 May 2022.