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RobMoro TV | Alex Cameron – ‘Best Life’

Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron has announced his new album “Oxy Music” along with its opening track ‘Best Life’. ‘

The new album will apparently see a shift in the mood of 2019’s “Miami Memory”. Told from a position of sanguinity and via the lens of Cameron, in a way that only he can convey it.

“The album is a story, a work of fiction, mostly from the perspective of a man. Starved of meaningful purpose, confused about the state of the world, and in dire need of a reason to live. This is one of those people.”

Alex Cameron

‘Best Life’ gives a context of drug usage to warp the confronting disposition of modern existence as Cameron pipes of the feelings of insecurity brought on by life online:

“I guess I’m just winning / But I get no reaction / My comments just don’t rank / Or my post tanks.”

Alex Cameron

Directed by Jemima Kirke and produced by Jim Larson, the music video stars Kirke and Cameron, trying to find what it represents to find one’s “best life” by assuming their faults as loveable qualities.

And as some may wonder, he is indeed joined by longtime collaborator and business partner, Roy Molloy (saxophone) on the record too.

“Oxy Music” is out on 11 March on Secretly Canadian