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RobMoro TV | Gustaf – ‘Cruel’

Gustaf by Cory Fraiman-Lott

Brooklyn art igniters Gustaf have issued their debut album, “Audio Drag For Ego Slobs” along with a final video for new single, ‘Cruel’.

Vocalist Lydia Gammill elaborates on ‘Cruel’, “When I started working out the lyrics for ‘Cruel’, I liked the idea of someone getting mad at the sunlight for shining through their window. I wanted to play with the idea of someone victimizing themselves over a blessing. Ultimately ‘Cruel’ became a ‘love’ song — or as it goes with a lot of Gustaf songs, an anti-love song.”

“The protagonist in “Cruel” is unfairly upset at someone who gave them a glimpse of a good thing and then took it away. Now they’re left obsessing over the thrill of what could have been. They were content with what they already had, but once they knew something more was possible they became indignant over losing it. Selfishly musing that if they knew it would be like this, they would’ve rather not had the thing at all.”

In support of their album, Gustaf have an extensive itinerary of touring in the US, UK and Europe that will see them playing with IDLES, Pillow Queens and Osees.