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RobMoro TV | Cindy – ‘Party Store’

Cindy - 'Party Store'

CINDY, a quartet from San Francisco have unveiled the video for their new single ‘Party Store’, taken from the upcoming album “1:2”.

Karina Gill, guitarist and singer from CINDY says about the track: ““ Party Store“ is about repetition — generation to generation and within a life. It’s also about the almost altar-like character of some corner store counters: the kid photos and signed dollar bills and lucky charms and out-dated notices and ancient advertisements and winning tickets.”

The video, directed by Kevin Linn and shot by Mike Ramos, produces a montage to reflect this with a black and white filter of new and contemporary evolutions.

Gill also mentioned that “Around here, I call corner stores corner stores, but that sounded like a terrible name for a song. I’m from the East Coast where we called corner stores “bodegas”, which is also a terrible name for a song. So we went with the Midwestern American version, “party store”, and figured we could get away with it as Aaron is from Indiana.”

As for their forthcoming 10-song album, it was produced and recorded by the band in their hometown of San Francisco.

“1: 2 ” will be released on October 1st via Tough Love.