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RobMoro TV | Nation of Language – ‘This Fractured Mind’

Nation Of Language - Photo Credit: Kevin Condon

Nation of Language bestows us with their latest single and video, ‘This Fractured Mind’.

Speaking of the track, vocalist Ian Devaney stated, “After I dropped out of college I spent a number of years delivering pizzas and waiting tables while I lived at home and tried to get a music career going. One ends up spending a lot of time contending with unrealised dreams and feeling jealousy towards those who have moved on. There’s an inferiority complex that can set in, which if unchecked, can lead down a pretty bitter and self-destructive road. This is a song for driving down that road, as indecision and longing and regret cycle together into mania, until finally, at the end, quiet acceptance and peace wash over.”

The video was directed by James Thomson, featuring the band and various rhythms of interpretive dance.

Devaney, with keyboardist Aidan Noell and bassist Michael Sue-Poi decided to forge ahead with a follow up to their debut album during the past two years.

They have also announced a January 2022 tour of the UK and EU including dates in London, Manchester, Dublin, Glasgow, and more.

The upcoming album, “A Way Forward”, is out 5 November 2021.