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RobMoro TV | Children Collide – ‘Uh Oh’

Children Collide - 'Uh Oh'

Children Collide announce their fourth studio album with the zealous new track, ‘Uh Oh’.

The new track also comes with a monochrome visual background as the band perform with ardour.

Directed by new bassist Chelsea Wheatley, the video aptly catches the live energy and irrefutable connection the band have.

“My aim in conceptualizing the video was to serve up both the silliness and the seriousness of the song on one (stylish, trippy lookin’) plate. With the help of geniuses Kirsty Barros the stylist, Babi Bertoldi the DP and Sarah Jessica Carpark the art stylist, I was able to bring this fantasy to fruition, ”says Wheatly of the clip.

“Time Itself” will be released on Friday, 27 August via Spinning Top Records.