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Listen | SCOUT delights with dynamic synth-pop on ‘Rather Be Blind’

Scout - Photo credit: Rory Cole

London based multi-instrumentalist and producer SCOUT releases new single ‘Rather Be Blind’.

‘Rather Be Blind’ amplifies SCOUT’S soundscape standards ranging from MUNA and Shura. It builds on the hype generated from the debut single ‘Never Fade’, both of which will appear on an initial EP offering later this year.

Speaking about the process behind the songwriting of the track, “I wrote this one over a beat I found on YouTube last year. It kinda lives in the same world as the other songs on the first Scout EP and is centred [a]round moving back to North London/Enfield. I speak multiple languages and I heard this line that translated to “I rather be blind than see my life without you” and right away knew I wanted that line in a song. It worked out with the rest of the lyrics so I literally just took it and used it. The song’s quite nostalgic, about situationships and not realising what you have until you no longer have it. I want Scout to make people feel a little less lonely in their human experience.”

SCOUT’S new single “Rather Be Blind” is out now.