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RobMoro TV | POND – ‘America’s Cup’


POND announce the release of their ninth studio album, appropriately titled “9”, along with the new single, ‘America’s Cup’.

“The beat makes me think of a New York street strut, Sesame Street style,” says frontman Nick Allbrook. “But it’s about Fremantle before Alan Bond gave the big ball of gentrification its final shove, when it was cheap and harsh and the broken relics of the pre-87 port city were young groovy cats in a secret idyll wedged between the river and the sea. It’s also about blokes being different versions of whatever the hell we’ve been taught we’re supposed to be.”

In the visual context that accompanies the release, created under the direction of the long-time collaborator Kristofski, the oldest trophy in international sport is toasted. “I’m from NZ and the big Sail race was here, the whole country was glued to their TV’s and I don’t even wanna know how much they spent on that thing,” says Kristofski, adding: “So I thought it would be funny if the captain of the racing team won the cup and auctioned it off to a bunch of people who love that kinda thing. Then he celebrates by dancing. Pretty twisted idea but I think it works. “

“9” will be released online on 1 October, 2021 via Spinning Top Records.