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RobMoro TV | Flora Cash – ‘The Bright Lights’

flora cash

Indie-pop duo Flora Cash debut a new video, ‘Bright Lights’ via the duo’s own Flower Money Records.

The video has a narrative around the topics of violence towards women and homelessness, which the band wanted to highlight as issues in society right now.

“We wanted to bring light specifically to domestic violence aimed at women and homelessness. Both are issues we’ve seen and experienced in our own lives. And these are issues that are often swept under the rug or not discussed. They’re usually not hot button political topics; they’re too subtle, too uncomfortable and too easy to hide or ignore. So we wanted this video to give a voice to those people whose abuse has been hidden and whose homelessness has been ignored.

We wanted to tell a really human story about how miracles aren’t usually these big dramatic events. We’ve seen how seemingly small acts of kindness can have a gigantic impact on lifting someone out of their suffering. Doing right by someone doesn’t have to be the grandest gesture. You can make a big impact on someone’s entire life by doing the one small thing no one else has the courage to do. So our two characters are in their own personal hells but they’ve still got the power to lift up each other.”

The video, which captures a lot of emotion and trauma in a poignant manner, was written and directed by Joseph Morel

‘The Bright Lights’ is out now via Flower Money Records.