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Listen | Rhys Lewis delivers new single ‘Seasons’

Rhys Lewis

Rhys Lewis releases new single ‘Seasons’, a tender touch of mysticism for brighter days to come.

The track follows the release of Rhys’ debut record “Things I Chose to Remember” and features the popular single, ‘No Right To Love You’.

Speaking on the track, he says: “I’ve become much more aware of my mood and the way it changes, the seasons I go through in a day, a week, a month. With there being fewer distractions in life at the minute, I’m able to notice more plainly the colours of my perceptions, the state I’m in on the inside. Some days I wake up blue without a reason, full of a hollow feeling. But I’m becoming more comfortable with the downs, starting to accept them as a natural arc in the curve of life. I think I’m starting to understand myself a little better when it comes to the blues. Without indulging or wallowing in them, it’s important to remember that feeling sad and gloomy is as natural – and perhaps necessary – as feeling happy and full of light.”

‘Seasons’ is out now on Decca Records.