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RobMoro TV | Post-Party – ‘Wasting Time’


Post-Party have released the video for their new single ‘Wasting Time’ along with the video

Speaking of the video – directed and edited by the band’s own Colin Peppard, the Dublin four-piece said: “The last year has given us the opportunity to really build up on our skills in other areas such as filmmaking. We shot the music video for ‘Wasting Time’ with each of the band members shot individually, in separate locations. The editing process was tedious but we got there in the end and I don’t we don’t think we could be happier with the result.

There’s a strong parallel between the nostalgic feeling in the song and the VHS footage, which is why we decided to shoot with one of our parent’s old Sony hand-cams. There was a bittersweet contrast between the VHS and Digitally-shot footage, creating a stage of colours on which we performed the single.”

The intense track breaks down the feelings of relationships and connections that despite being brief, they are memorable.

‘Wasting Time’ the brand new single from Post-Party is out now.