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RobMoro TV | John Murry – ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’

John Murry

John Murry has announced details of his new album, “The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes”, along with lead single ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’.

The announcement and track are accompanied by a video directed by actor/director Aidan Gillen.

Mississippi-born Murry, who is now based in Ireland, Murry has released two critically acclaimed albums, his 2012 debut “The Graceless Age” and the 2017 follow-up “A Short History Of Decay”.

Aidan Gillen, who on this occasion is behind the camera rather than in front of it, said: “I had this idea of John floating around my house – or did that happen in real life? – anyways I liked the idea of a John puppet floating around upside down and mentioned this to him. His Ex had made this puppet with an uncanny likeness and I used whatever technology I had to hand to try and make something that looked nice for the puppet part. I mean, it’s not all in focus, but there a bit too much of that these days.”

‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’ is out now on Submarine Cat Records.