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“Show Me How You Disappear” – IAN SWEET

"Show Me How You Disappear" - IAN SWEET

For Jilian Medford, therapy against anxieties came in the form of songwriting, as many artists can attest to. On “Show Me How You Disappear”, a set of songs that embrace a creative rough edge to rather seemingly standard pop structures. Call it inverted pop, distorted soft rock, but ultimately a fresh set of sounds that can appeal to a wider audience with an open mind.

Colourful, glistening with electrified trepidation, ‘Drink The Lake’ and ‘Dumb Driver’ are eloquently written letters of understanding to traumatic instances in the artist’s life. The intensity is there, but so is the flourish of artistic comprehension in resolving issues.

Recorded with Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Empress Of), Andy Seltzer (Maggie Rogers), and Daniel Fox, among others, Medford handpicked producers for each song on the album. A method that is not entirely unconventional, but refreshing.

‘Sword’ and ‘Show Me How You Disappear’ have a great way of marking the inward-looking depreciation of character to the resolve and conclusion of life better off once the dust settles on the whole healing process. Once shackled, now liberated.

Spiralling and a spectacle, a record that is set to define itself by falling apart before pulling yourself together again, soothing to the anxious nature that many of us endure in the current situation. Start to finish, this is good for the soul that has time to heal.

“Show Me How You Disappear” is out on 5 March 2021 on Polyvinyl Record Co.