It takes a lot to show unconditional love towards another human. From their flaws to their graces, being surrounded by someone who can be at their lowest and yet on the way to recovery requires resilience, tenacity, and untold empathy. Turning those themes into an EP, however, can be turbulent, and for 22-year-old Sam Breathwick, the outcome has become SHRINK’s debut EP.

Based in Kent but recording his work in Tottenham, UK, the musician has a cathartic approach to songwriting on tracks such as ‘Drowning’ and ”Cut You Loose’, where he exercises moments that have been of significant stress or loss.

The driving theme behind the EP is one of a close family member, his brother to be precise, and the perspective he had during bouts of misdiagnosis and sorrow. The mood comes round with the reprise in ‘Eraser’, a tingling introspective into the mind of the sibling coming up for air to a level of stability.

“SHRINK” is out on Kobalt on 12 February 2021.