There are few artists who create music that burgeons warmth, familiarity, and longing under a veil disguising true identity but yet incredibly popular. For Rhye’s Michael Milosh, creating music under this moniker has always brimmed with creativity. The end result often being delicate works of wonder shrouded in ambiguity but wholesomely reassuring.

“Hold me closer, how I would love for you to come home” are the resonating lyrics to ‘Come In Closer’, an appropriate kickstart to follow a subdued ‘Intro’. We have the notable strings, hushed swoons of vocals, and tenderly plucked basslines that follow. If we thought this was as good as it gets, then the initial lines and melody of ‘Beautiful’ prove that the best can only get better.

The Canadian singer-songwriter is a keen observer of ambience if you hadn’t guessed by now. Each album like a soundtrack to a massage session or trip to an exotic beach, all sense of time is lost in a meditative state and songs often produced with a hypnotic quality. 

‘Safeword’ brings some further tempo to the record, three songs in and the variety is evident. ‘Hold You Down’ builds on the inspired theme of sanctuary, home, and experimentation.

‘Helpless’ lends its charm largely down to the sinuous R&B pulse that stems through the track. ‘My Heart Bleeds’ is elegant, consumed like a nice bottle of red wine on a cosy evening while the rain pours down outside, offering up a feeling that the night is still young and the chemistry between the song’s characters is growing ever stronger.

Written throughout 2019 and early 2020, it was recorded at Milosh’s home studio. Unsurprisingly, “Home” is familiar in its combination of song structures and vocals that lend themselves to the gender-neutral vocals aiming to breathe cohesion and unity rather than divided-uncertainty.

“Home” is out now via Loma Vista.