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Music | Tom Vek makes a surprise return with more than music

Portrait of musician Tom Vek by Kat Green, 2020

Tom Vek is making a return with his first album in six years called “New Symbols”.

On the record, Vek continues a self-performed-and-produced category of artistry, and the album genre sees further exploration in creating impactful indie-rock.

The surprise album release this week also uses the occasion to launch an Indiegogo campaign for a new electronic device; a premium music player called Sleevenote.
With a 1:1 square high-resolution display, the 7.5” diagonal tablet-style device is aiming to bring “hi-definition, full-fidelity album artwork to digital music.”

Sleevenote player.
Sleevenote player.

The project’s goal is to find at least 1,000 followers to back the Indiegogo and put it into production.

The artwork experience isn’t completely locked to premium hardware either; an app version of Sleevenote will be possible to a wider audience via a free iPad app when a launch date confirmed.

You can listen to “New Symbols” below.