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RobMoro TV | WYVERN LINGO – ‘Brutal Lottery’

Wyvern Lingo

Wyvern Lingo exhibit their second new song of 2020. The calm, steadfast, ‘Brutal Lottery’.

The track takes disheartening current affairs from a perspective that informs listeners of the tragedy unfolding in our world and how it affects us to witness it.

Sales revenue from Bandcamp downloads of ‘Brutal Lottery’ will be donated to Wyvern Lingo’s chosen charity partner – Missing Children Europe.

Speaking about how the idea came to be, band member Karen Cowley explains, “We recorded this last winter in Berlin, all singing live together in one take. Given the recent shift in the global conversation about racism and the many dangers that people of colour are subjected to in our society, this felt like the right time to release this song, which is unfortunately as relevant as it was four years ago.”

Wyvern Lingo’s “Brutal Lottery” is released by Rubyworks on Friday 21 August.