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Listen | Daði Freyr releases new single ‘Where We Wanna Be’

Daði Freyr - 'Where We Wanna Be'

Daði Freyr follows on from the success of Eurovision hit, ‘Think About Things’ with new single, ‘Where We Wanna Be’.

‘Where We Wanna Be’ demonstrates that Daði Freyr is not a one-hit-wonder, with its irresistible groove and jaunty inflexion.

Speaking about ‘Where We Wanna Be’,  Daði says “Where we wanna be is about having people in your life that you love when faced with difficult times. Trying to make the best out of it and staying positive. I wrote this song in Berlin while there was a 2 person maximum, so me, my wife and our daughter didn’t get a chance to meet anybody else. Then it’s really important that you love the people you have around you.”

Hot Chip recently turned in a remix of the previous single, ‘Think About Things’ also, which you can listen to here.