"Wake UP!" - Hazel English

“We’re dancing in time now, breathing in time now…” the sultry bass and drums roll off under the vocals of Hazel English on “Born like”, the opening credit to the shimmering debut album.

Glorious, daydream-pop, the California based songwriter shakes up the image many perceive from previous singles, and by the time we reach the second track on the record, ‘Shaking’, we know that an more. This a West Coast record full of intent to slip away from the diluted mould cast before.

‘Wake UP!’ has a perfect set of drums throughout and is standout among it all. It seems effortless and natural as it should be from English, who we hear clearer than ever and truly can appreciate the songwriting rather than being lost in some hazy after-thought.

Hazel English

As a sufferer of acute anxiety, English composed these songs to address her audience with a statement of ‘What are we going to do about t it?’ when faced with adversity. This record follows existential questions conceived by panic from a mundane rhythm. In brief, it’s time to “Wake UP!”.

The sound on this record steps up from the lo-fi, bedroom-produced recordings we are used. Maturer, opulent, and wholesome, there is pleasure and thrill from tracks across the multiple layers on tracks such as ‘Milk & Honey’.

‘Wake UP!’ is a warning of what our purposes need to be. There is strength in the album’s dynamism.

“Wake UP!” is out now via Polyvinyl.