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RobMoro TV | PABST – ‘Hell’

PABST - 'Hell'

Berlin’s PABST shares the video for new single ‘Hell’, the follow-up to previous single, ‘Skyline’.

Tackling the dark feelings that some might have lingering inside them, PABST aims to build the resilience of sorts with distortion and blaring guitars before opening into a piece about those close to you and how they are affected.

And then the song is also about friends, acquaintances and the family and how they deal with the situation – when they realize that they just cannot help how they’d like to, they may feel invisible. These people too seem to make an acquaintance with hell.”

The video by Felix Aaron, Dre Bugacci, and Nico Bain is shot at multiple locations with a figure chiming along to the lyrics with a tambourine in a yellow mackintosh.


Their new album “Deuce Ex Machina” is out for release on 19 June 2020.