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Listen | SOPHIA unveils new track ‘We See You (Taking Aim)’

SOPHIA - We See You (Taking Aim)

Robin Proper-Sheppard, the conductor of the SOPHIA project , has chosen to postpone the release of the new album. “Holding On / Letting Go” which was not released as planned this week, but in will instead be out in August this year.

The new single is a taster from the forthcoming album that is very much a stand against political wrongdoing to a tune of garage punk.

This is the eighth studio album by the collective and the first full-band since the “Fixed Water ” release in 1996.

Proper-Sheppard founded The Flower Shop Recordings and released the music from musician friends. He then decided to record his own music again and started the SOPHIA project.

From his studio in Berlin, he recorded “Holding On / Letting Go”, created almost 10,000 kilometres from Proper-Sheppard’s hometown and was the last step of a long journey that began thirty years ago without a destination.

“Holding On / Letting Go” is out 21 August 2020 on The Flower Shop Recordings