"Unmask Whoever" - Activitya

Activity, the group formed from the remains of Grooms, are a New York based four-piece that seems to relish the brooding and dark sounds that are inspired by their day-to-day lives.

Exposing character flaws through their lyrics, the album goes from weary to acceptance with sounds that are cultivated from the world outside. A world that in the past few hours, days, weeks and months have gathered the beginnings of a year that had nearly seen a World War unfold, collapse in on itself with a pandemic and natural disaster on a scale which many of us have never witnessed before.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Somehow this album seems like a timely soundtrack to aching scenes outside. There’s a sense of collective guilt and anxiety. it fits well without hanging around, hitting home in your subconscious and yet passing by quite easily in the background. The words “casually menacing framework” are indeed appropriate.

“Bad behaviour know your name” rings out in ‘Spring Low Life’, while ‘Nude Prince’ emulates tones of Portishead and ‘Violent and Vivisect” is a call to come and get what you want. There are introspective ambient moments that have not been lost here either, nor has the affection for this record.

“Unmask Whoever” is out now via Western Vinyl.